Welcome to Bali, the Island of God

Bali, as small island among more than 17.000 island in Indonesia, has been popular in the world particularly as the main tourist destination. Many appreciations have been addressed to Bali that basically express the unique of the culture and after the nuance of peace. So that is way eventhough Bali has experienced the humanity calamity and faced any issues which have influenced Bali tourism, the daily life goes on as normal.

Visiting Bali is tourist dreaming, but the dream could not realization because factors : limited informationabout the  visa needed, less of cost, or have no time then maximize the time to stay in Bali, even visiting for business matter, or just enjoy Bali,working,  visit family, for staying or other reason, for fulfill the information needed about Visa “Kenken Bali” can give the information and also will give an advice about what kind visa needed of the tourist.

Kenken Bali alsowill give you an advice about how to make Invest in Bali before investing in Bali, buy or rent property etc.

Finally through the publication of Kenken Bali, hopefully the information about planning to stay or just visit  Bali for temporary will be spread out and with faithfully heart we welcome tourist who have visited Bali together build and keep in main meaning of peace.


Sincerely yours,

Kenken Bali